Special Needs

Raising the Standard of Care

Special needs pet services Simi Valley

Leaving your pet in someone else’s hands can be scary. Leaving your special needs pet with someone else is downright unthinkable. This is how I felt when our cat required special care, and it’s probably the biggest reason I started Cuddle Bear Pet Care.

At some point in your pet’s life you will most likely come across a special need, whether it’s administering a pill or coping with epilepsy, and we are here to provide you with peace of mind during that time.

All of our services are available for special needs pets. We also offer hands-on instruction and assistance.

Chronic Conditions & Hospice

Learning your pet has a long-lasting or incurable condition can be overwhelming. We are here to help you through the new challenges you’ll face. We can assist you with treatment administration, teach you to monitor your pet’s health, and link you to resources that will help you to keep your pet living comfortably.


We administer many types of medication including: oral pills and liquids, subcutaneous injections, topical treatments, holistic remedies, and those administered through enteral feeding tubes.

Physically Impaired

Here at Cuddle Bear we work with animals who face all kinds of physical challenges, including blindness, paralyzation, and arthritis. Our care and programs are designed to suit their needs so we can keep them as happy and healthy as ever.


Does your pet need sub-q fluids? Insulin injections? A daily pill? Often our pets will develop a condition that requires ongoing treatment. While most treatment programs are easily manageable, administering them can be intimidating at first. That’s why we offer in-home, hands-on instruction; to educate you about the treatment, show you tricks of the trade, and help you and your pet get into a comfortable routine.