Our Story

Cuddles a.k.a. Cuddle Bear. Cuddle Bear Pet Care began when one of our four-legged family members needed special care. After 16 years of nearly perfect health, our cat (and best friend) was diagnosed with advanced kidney disease.

Here at Cuddle Bear, we​ believe that every animal can and should live a happy, healthy life. We also know that is not ​always ​as simple as it sounds.

We do our best to demystify pet care by providing pet services and owner education for all stages of your pet’s life. From training and exercise to special needs pet-sitting, we aim to provide the same level of care for your loved ones as we do for our own because we would accept nothing less.

Meet the Team

Melissa is the founder of Cuddle Bear Pet Care. She manages the day-to-day operations and is our lead pet trainer. Her ongoing studies focus on animal science and canine training techniques. Melissa often serves as a liaison between veterinarians and pet owners to help improve the care of our special needs animals.

Will is a Cuddle Bear co-owner and Melissa’s husband. He is our go-to guy for animals who prefer male handlers, and for the ‘difficult ones’. A former Special Forces soldier, he is brave enough to handle anything, and is often able to bring our most fearful and aggressive pets out of their shells.

Amanda is a co-owner of Cuddle Bear Pet Care, and more importantly the mom of Cuddles, the grey tabby cat who inspired this whole endeavor. Amanda specializes with felines. She is incredibly patient and understanding of all cats, from the shoelace-chasing kittens to the shy afternoon nappers. She is our most gentle handler and is great at providing comfort for ill or anxious pets.