Bath & Brush

Granada Hills Location

Available alternating Saturdays, 10am – 6pm

Duration Varies

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Why Have Your Pet Groomed?

Grooming isn’t just about baths. Here is how regular grooming promotes great pet health:

Ear Cleanings– prevent infections and can detect illness at an early stage

Teeth Brushing– breaks down plaque and prevents tartar buildup that could lead to painful chewing, early tooth loss, and organ damage

Nail Trimming– prevents uneven breaks and keep the nails at a comfortable length to encourage exercise

Sanitary Area– cleanings help prevent tangling, anal gland irritation, and hot spots on the rear

Coat Cleanings– keep the skin healthy and free of irritants reducing the likelihood of hot spots and pest infestations

Not Your Typical Grooming Service

Stress-Free Environment

During your time slot, our facility is reserved exclusively for your pet. There are no other animals or people coming or going to cause anxiety. Your pet has access to our private yard and will be given potty breaks and rest breaks as needed. There are two windows to provide natural light and optional fresh air for your pet to enjoy during the session. We are also happy to adjust the music to play your furry friend’s favorite tunes.

All-Natural Products

We provide a complete bath and brush experience tailored to your pet. We consult with you and your four-legged family member beforehand to learn both of your grooming preferences. You may provide the products of your choice, or we will supply top-of-the-line brands. The products we use are all natural and non-toxic. Shampoos and conditioners are chosen to suit your pet’s coat, and contain soothing ingredients such as oatmeal, shea butter, and aloe vera.

Visits typically begin with pre-brushing and dematting. We then shampoo and condition the coat, and wash the face separately with gentle sponges. Each pet is towel dried to remove excess water before we use a handheld blow dryer or air-drying walk to complete the job. The ears are then cleaned and dried, the teeth brushed, and the nails trimmed. Fur around the paw pads, ears, and sanitary areas may be trimmed before the final leave-in conditioner is applied. We finish with a final brush out.

Training Over Restraining

All of our pet groomers are also animal trainers. If your pet is new to grooming or is unfamiliar with certain tools, we don’t force them to endure the task. (This could cause aggression, and increased fear or anxiety for future visits.) Instead, we use slow exposure and positive reinforcement training techniques to introduce the tools. If there is something your pet is not comfortable with, we will work with them during each session to improve their confidence until they are calm throughout the entire grooming process.

We do not offer style trims, hair color, or nail polish.